Blogging China

One week ago, China Beat founders Jeff Wasserstrom and Ken Pomeranz participated in a conference at the University of California, Irvine called "Public Spheres, Blogospheres." The day-long event mixed academics with bloggers (and a few people who could claim both titles) for a discussion about the past and future of blogging. You can download each of the day's sessions here, and a full list of participants here.

The clip below is very lengthy. If you'd like to speed through to the parts about China, jump to 25:00 (to about 51:00). The session was a comparative one on blogging and the internet in China and Iran, and the discussion of blogging in Iran, by professor and blogger Elham Gheytanchi, is also quite interesting (for that, jump to 6:30). A discussion with the audience starts at 51:00.

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