Chatting with Wen

One of the topics we raised in China in 2008 was the changing relationship between the Chinese leadership and regular people over the past years. Last week China Digital Times pointed to another example of this changing relationship--Wen Jiabao answering netizens' questions online.

We've run a few related pieces at the site before, such as Nicolai Volland's "Boss Hu and the Press" and Richard Kraus's "Preserving the Premier's Calligraphy at Beichuan Middle School."

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Babygrand said...

I had read the book (in Chinese) on a business trip and though it was quite a fasinating read. I do think (maybe from a Han-decent biased perspective), the author extrapolated a bit much from the wolf/nomad-Han/agracultal allusion. We are all influenced by our environment and make economical choices accordingly. No group of individual is inherently more inclined to one thing or another.