Tibet: Further Reading

A few days ago, we published a handful of links to websites providing good or unique coverage of events or history related to the situation in Tibet. Here are six more.

1) A very timely
joint review of two new books (one by noted travel writer Pico Iyer) that place Tibetan history and the Dalai Lama's life into perspective have just appeared on the Economist's website.

2) An interesting
extended look at how the current unrest compares with and is linked to events of the 1950s and 1980s, written by an adviser to the Tibetan government in exile.

3) If you would like to read further on the complex implications of the Tibetan events for the Taiwan election (further, that is, than Yong Chen’s commentary below), they are introduced well in
this piece by a Financial Times correspondent in Taipei.

4) A
blog tied to Wired magazine has good updated coverage of the flow and blockage of information on the web.

5) The Nation's website has just published a
take on recent events by China Beat's Jeff Wasserstrom.

6) Newsweek has an exclusive new interview with the Dalai Lama

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