A Visual Top Five

For those seeking a little visual stimulation to perk up the mid-June doldrums:

1. A new online magazine called 1000 Words is currently featuring a set of images from Chinese artist Li Wei (follow the main link and then select Li Wei). The photographs feature Li as an irrepressible Superman with poor aim—head often buried (in the ground, through a car windshield, under ice), he appears to have hurtled forward without pause and Michael Grieves, who wrote the accompanying essay, draws analogies between Li’s captured falls and pell-mell Chinese development.

2. The Council on Foreign Relations has posted a slideshow on Politics and the Olympics, narrated by Frank Deford.

3. For fans of Old Shanghai, there are a few sites you might find of interest: Virtual Shanghai and the image section of Tales of Old Shanghai.

4. Reporter and photographer Howard French, has a website that features many stunning photos from China.

5. Another photographer, Edward Burtynsky, explores the intersections of nature and industry in his photographs of the Three Gorges Dam, recycling, shipyards, and other industrial settings.

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