China Images from the Library of Congress

For those always on the lookout for more teaching images, you may be interested in taking a gander at the Library of Congress's Flickr account. Though mainly featuring images of the United States (altogether about 4,000 images), if you search "China" at the top of the page you will receive several pages of images from or about China. (You can easily download the images to your computer by clicking on the photo, then selecting "all sizes," then selecting "download the original size.") These fascinating images include the photos below, taken between 1910 and 1915. The first is a photograph of Shanghai's "Native Quarter," the second of a Chinese railroad, the third of a funeral in Beijing, and the final image is titled "China in N.Y. 4th of July Parade 1911."

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Jeremiah Jenne said...

What a great resource for lecture images. Thanks for the link.