Further Reading Recommendations on China Earthquake

1. David Bandurski has written an interesting comparison of official and commercial coverage of the earthquake in China at China Media Project.

2. Increasingly, Chinese people are calling for probes into why so many schools collapsed in the earthquake. Recent coverage includes a report by Richard Spencer for the Telegraph and several from AFP: one here and another here.

3. Meanwhile, domestic Chinese media has begun to report that Western media is praising China’s relief efforts. Indeed, Monroe Price at Huffington Post (we have linked to several of his columns recently) writes about Western media’s “Olympic truce” with China.

4. For those interested in a better understanding of the geography of the earthquake zone, the BBC has posted an interactive map.

5. At the Chicago Tribune, Evan Osnos has written a reflection on the divisions between urban and rural China, thrown into relief by the earthquake.

6. And, in recognition of our occasional “self-promotion Saturday” feature, I also recommend Susan Brownell’s recent piece “America’s and Japan’s Coming-Out Parties: Lessons for Beijing 2008 (and the Tibet Controversy),” at Japan Focus.

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ACAER said...

More people should be talking about this instead of Ted Kennedy's "seizure". The media disgusts me!!