Self-Promotion Saturday: Brief Notes

A few of our writers made it into the news this week:

1. NPR broadcast a brief interview with Jeff Wasserstrom on the Chinese government’s response to the earthquake on Wednesday, May 21.

2. In response to a review of Simon Winchester’s new book on Joseph Needham (the famous scholar of Chinese technology, among his other accomplishments) at Salon.com, one reader submitted a lengthy comparison of Jared Diamond and Kenneth Pomeranz. Read it here.

3. For those who subscribe to the Wall Street Journal, you can read an article that quotes Caroline Reeves, who wrote a two-part piece for us earlier this week on the Chinese Red Cross.

4. In an Australian debate over “China’s worthiness to host the [Olympic] Games,” one participant cited the work of Susan Brownell (and was subsequently quoted in the Sydney Morning Herald).

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